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⚠️ ❗ Warnings for rooms that need attention ⚠️❗

Magical release note fairies June 28, 2018

Most of the time, hotel operations run smoothly. Ha! Who are we kidding? For when things go haywire, we have you covered with our latest release, which includes warnings for rooms that need attention.

Reservations that were forced into apaleo by overriding your rate setup or overbooking a room category will now be marked with a warning. So, if an OTA still sells your hotel for dates that you closed or for room categories that you do not have available anymore, you'll have this alert as soon as the booking arrives:


Example: reservation that did not respect your master closed restriction

This gives you the chance to respond accordingly and mitigate any problems before they start (especially in the case of an overbooking, where you don't want to have to walk a guest to a nearby hotel). Once the problem is fixed - say, you upgraded one of your regular guests to free up space for the overbooked reservation - you can remove the warning. Ta-da!

Magical release note fairies

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Magical release note fairies
We are a little crew of product owners, developers and marketers who love writing release notes. Prior to writing release notes, we worked on developing sweet features that we think hotels will love. In our spare time, we like thinking of fun ways to share the news with hoteliers because we think that release notes should be fun to read. We hope you enjoy the notes as much as we love writing them!


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