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Nestor completes rollout of apaleo, taking 25 properties and over 1600 rooms live in a month

Katarina Simic December 2, 2019

apaleo’s intuitive and open property management system allows for self-setup, onboarding and ultimate connectivity

UK-based Nestor, a hospitality business delivering exceptional guest experiences in the alternative accommodation sector, has successfully concluded its implementation of apaleo, the world’s most open property management system, across its portfolio of properties – ranging from hotels and apartments to student residences.

The announcement comes after Nestor, together with partner Catala Consulting, has successfully self-implemented over 750 rooms across 10 properties, migrated reservations from their previous system and went live with connected distribution, all in less than one week. A second phase followed in similar fashion, with a further 15 properties and 870 rooms added, along with full payment integration.

Nestor’s unique collection of inventory requires an extremely flexible set up of systems, beginning with its property management system. The company manages hotels, serviced apartments, and even rooms, which are rented on a short-stay basis when universities are on holiday.

Nestor’s goal is to develop an all-encompassing, unique experience for its guests, who range from business travellers, to tourists hungry to explore UK hidden gems. With the right technology in place, Nestor believed that it could adjust the setup of its systems to cater to all these traveller types. The company was also hoping to further automate many of the mundane tasks to enhance the guest experience and maximise profits.  Speed and cost of set up were also critical, in light of Nestor’s current rapid business growth.

“We evaluated the various cloud PMS’ and it became clear that apaleo was the only system that fit all of our requirements,” said Mark Hudson, co-founder of Nestor. “Its PMS allowed us to quickly add rooms without any wait times or extra setup fees – we are now able to set up new rooms completely on our own! Once set up, all other core systems can be connected at the click of a button. We even plan to build and connect our own, proprietary technology using apaleo’s open API.”

“This must be one of the, if not the fastest PMS rollouts ever,” said Alan O'Riordan, co-founder of apaleo. “apaleo is made for this kind of rapid growth. It’s really exciting to see a company like Nestor Stay, with their innovative approach to accommodation management, make it a reality.”

About Nestor

Nestor (previously AirAgents) was established in 2015 by Fran Milsom and Mark Hudson. It is a hospitality business, delivering exceptional guest experiences in the alternative accommodation sector.

Nestor works with portfolio landlords, the serviced apartment and the student accommodation sector, providing a professional property management service.  It is currently operating in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Granada, Madrid and Dubai with plans to expand further in future.

Nestor is exceptionally professional – it follows London council rules when it comes to residential lets and is members of Short-Term Accommodation Association.

Katarina Simic

Posted by

Katarina Simic
Katarina is apaleo’s marketing manager, responsible for content, events, campaigns and so much more. After studying law, Katarina was a legal consultant for the city of Zagreb. However, it was in hospitality that Katarina really found her passion. She went on to run a small, family-owned hotel in Croatia and enjoyed it so much that she decided to return to school to get her MBA in International Tourism Management. During this time, she was a project manager for Hochschule Bremen, responsible for developing brand strategies for key regions.


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