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VIDEO - A Hackathon Story: DataSpire Talks AI Prediction Model

Nicholas Johnson June 7, 2021

Dataspire Lite predicts high-value and potential VIP guests based on the AI and hotel data. This enables hoteliers to run more effective email marketing campaigns, focus on the right target customers with limited resources, and deliver better customer experiences.

Duy Nguyen speaks on behalf of his team and explains the inspiration for creating Dataspire Lite. The team discovered the DEVrupt Hospitality Hackathon and thought to themselves, how can we help hotels prepare for recovery?

The answer was to come up with a free solution for apaleo users that helps hoteliers. They wanted to build something simple and generic that benefits a common hotel that doesn't have the resources to build its own models. Because this project is open-source, that means that they developed this solution without basing it on existing providers, making the achievement that much greater.

What happens behind the scenes:

Dataspire Lite calls the reservation API from apaleo and prepares the information to be able to pass over to prediction models (Guest Segmentation, Customer Lifecycle Classification Model, and VIP Guest Prediction model)

These models are based on the following criteria:

  • Recency: when was the last time they spent?
  • Frequency: how often do they spend?
  • Monetary: how much do they spend?

In this example, they processed 1,300 reservations with 570 identified guests and came up with 40 potential VIP guests. Amazingly, they have achieved 99.7% accuracy. The hotelier can then download a CSV file of the guests to use for better marketing and sales strategies.

Figure 1: AI Pipeline Explanation




Nicholas Johnson

Posted by

Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas has his hands in all things marketing at apaleo. After discovering his love for travel, he's lived, worked, and studied in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Japan, and Germany, where he is currently eating pretzels. Nicholas has been telling stories for over five years based on a unique perspective built from degrees in marketing and international tourism. His passion for visuals and design are the wrapping paper to his entire package.


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