How automating payments puts more money in your pocket

It's pretty terrible when a guest runs off without paying for their room. It’s also not very enjoyable or time efficient (for your guests or for your staff) to manually enter payments from your property management system to your t...

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by Katarina Simic

January 21, 2019

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by Katarina Simic


Mo' Money, Mo' Time with payment automation

You know what’s pretty terrible? When a guest runs off without paying for their room. It’s also not very enjoyable or time efficient (for your guests or for your staff) ...

by Margaret Ady


How to compete with Airbnb by thinking like a tech company

Here's a terrifying fun fact: some insects have superpowers. Take scorpions, for example. They can flatten their bodies to the size of a small coin, which allows them to ...

by Katarina Simic


Calculate your cost savings with apaleo

Save big with apaleo PMS pricing is one confusing beast. There's the cost of the actual software, which looks reasonable. But then, as you get closer to signing a ...

by Katarina Simic


Everything you need to know about selecting a new PMS

For hotels, switching to a new system isn't always easy, especially when it comes to the hotel's property management system (PMS), the core system at any hotel. Here's ...

by Margaret Ady


Digital Advent Calendar Offers Hotels Treats in December

apaleo’s treat-a-day giveaway is full of surprises from the most innovative companies in hospitality apaleo, the ultra-connected and simplest-to-use property management ...

by Margaret Ady


How to Future-Proof Your Hotel

Baby-proofing is big biz. But why? The truth is that not that many children stick their fingers in sockets and get burned. Sticking those covers in outlets is insurance ...

by Margaret Ady


The Big Creep: Limited-Service Hotels & Rising ADR

We’re all supposed to have a budget, no doubt. But it isn’t always easy. Living expenses aside, there’s Netflix and Spotify and Audible and Hulu and Strava and so on and ...

by Margaret Ady


Approaching The Tech Buffet Without Getting Sick

How to build a tech stack based on what your guests need (instead of just what’s available) Don’t lie; you know you’ve done it. I sure have. The hotel breakfast buffet. ...

by Katarina Simic


How automating payments puts more money in your pocket

It's pretty terrible when a guest runs off without paying for their room. It’s also not very enjoyable or time efficient (for your guests or for your staff) to manually ...

by Uli Pillau


The One Thing Every Hotel Should Consider When Purchasing Hotel Technology

In-room, distribution, messaging, reservations, revenue management, chat, operational… the list of technologies that occupy hoteliers these days could go on and on. ...

by Margaret Ady


Dinosaurs: Great for Movies, Not for Software

Why monolithic architecture faces extinction and the lean, micro-service model that will replace it If you had a pulse in the '90s, you most definitely saw Jurassic ...

by Margaret Ady


Removing The PMS Nightmare

How One Hotel Set Up a New PMS and Fully Integrated Revenue Management Tool in A Matter Of Minutes Ask many hoteliers about their biggest technology headaches, and they ...

by Margaret Ady


Experts weigh in on the future of hotel technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

...and we all...agree? To leave a legacy was once considered something rich, something good. A legacy might be an endowment, an heirloom, a bequest, or a history of ...

by Margaret Ady


From tech dependent to tech savvy: how hotels can get ahead of the curve

Patrick Fisher of Thomson Reuters notes that, “As technologies become more and more pervasive across industries and functions, companies as varied as Goldman Sachs, ...

by Uli Pillau


Margaret Ady joins apaleo’s founding team as the company enters new growth phase

As part of  apaleo’s founder circle, Ady will be responsible for brand positioning and strategic marketing apaleo, the award-winning technology startup that is ...

by Margaret Ady


apaleo expands to the UK with appointment of Alan O’Riordan

Alan O’Riordan joins the company as a shareholder and will be responsible for business development in the UK and beyond apaleo, the award-winning technology startup ...

by Margaret Ady


apaleo announces completion of seed financing round

apaleo, the company creating the Open Hotel Management Platform and Eco System has announced the completion of its first round of funding. Founder and chairman Martin ...

by Philip von Ditfurth


Lightning Speed & Why It Matters

With technology, there is “what it does”—the functionality—and then there’s “how it does it,” as in how fast, how accurate, what the interface looks like, and so forth. ...

by Uli Pillau


From Startup To Live In Nine Months: apaleo Launches Cloud PMS In Record Time

apaleo Launches Cloud PMS In Record Time apaleo, the creators of the Open Hospitality Cloud, announced the completion of multiple milestones. Not only did they complete ...

by Uli Pillau


apaleo to present new Cloud PMS and the apaleo Store in Berlin at ITB 2018

apaleo, the innovative Munich based company developing a flexible and scalable cloud PMS fully equipped with a 2-way API and a store that delivers pre-integrated apps ...

by Margaret Ady


apaleo launches a-list newsletter, and you are missing out.

It's true. Below is a sneak peek of the email that our a-listers received this morning, as well as a tip to get on the list. What. A. Weekend. We're trying to contain ...

by Margaret Ady


Live Event! Build to destroy - apaleo's take on architecture

It isn't always easy building a product from scratch. Before going to work on apaleo, we discussed in great detail how we wanted to build our product. Join this meetup ...

by Stephan Wiesener


Hotels: Are you a Clunker or a Sports Car?

“The most successful technological innovation should feel so natural to the user that it’s almost completely invisible. We only notice things when the user experience is ...

by Margaret Ady


apaleo Wins EyeforTravel Europe’s 2018 Startup Award

Following rigorous competition, EyeforTravel Europe has awarded apaleo its 2018 Startup Award during its conference in London. The leading innovators in travel ...

by Margaret Ady


What technology is required to operate a staffless hotel?

The latest trend in the Nordics is likely to arrive at a destination near you: the staffless hotel. Scandinavian hotel chains such as PLACE TO SLEEP have discovered the ...

by Uli Pillau


PMS Vendors, Tear Down This Wall!

How to improve the guest journey by removing barriers in hospitality tech While it is an obvious over-exaggeration to compare Ronald Reagan's famous "Tear Down This ...

by Martin Reichenbach


GDPR Readiness in 7 Easy Steps

The industry has been buzzing about the challenges of becoming GDPR compliant for some time now. The deadline came and went on May 25, and so far, our inboxes were the ...

by Keith Gruen


Cloud-based hotel software has failed, but a new paradigm is on the horizon

Originally published on HospitalityNet here.  Most hoteliers agree that the cloud is the way to go. This is not new. They believed in the cloud for five to ten years ...

by Benjamin Schmid


How To Move Fast Without Breaking Things

Facebook’s old motto to “move fast and break things” became a mantra for many of today’s fast-growing startups. While moving fast is crucial for technology startups to ...

by Benjamin Schmid


Is Your Hotel’s Data Secure? How To Process Payments Risk-Free

Are you taking the right actions to make sure that your hotel’s data is secure? There are security measures and standards in place to ensure that you and your guests ...

by Martin Reichenbach


Death to PMS Interface fees!

The cost and time invested in interfaces between legacy PMS and third-party systems have plagued the hospitality industry for years. It’s time to demand a better way.Ask ...

by Uli Pillau


apaleo announces Open Hospitality Cloud

An ecosystem for the hotel industry that integrates a true cloud PMS and an extensive API apaleo today announced the introduction of the Open Hospitality Cloud — the ...

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