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apaleo origin stories: get to know Gabriel Yesuron

Alicia Wahlberg August 20, 2020

Our people make apaleo and its culture pretty darn unique. So, here's a chance to get to know them! We chatted with Gabriel, our Design guy! He told us about his love for outdoor sports, his interesting favorite superhero, and much more...Check it out:



Gabriel Yesuron



Superpower (err...job):

User experience designer (UX/UI designer)

What’s your background?

I have a degree in industrial design, a pos-degree in strategic design and always loved technology of any kind.
My first professional experience as an Industrial designer was in a domotic startup, and, as I was the only designer, I had to design everything: the actual product, the website, the app, the packaging, the presentations and everything that could be designed (a lot).
From that experience on, I got more and more into digital product design and user experience design where, through the years, I had the chance to work in awesome companies in different industries as financial, insurance and tourism.

Last year I decided to move from Argentina to Munich to experience a new context, assume new challenges and learn from a different culture. I am thrilled to join the apaleo team now.

What drew you to apaleo?

At first, what drew me to apaleo was the culture and mindset that the company has and it reflects through the HR representatives and the web presence, then, the product that the apaleo team is building and the challenges they are facing caught my attention and got me onboard.

What the heck is that you do?

At work? I design user flows and user interfaces that feel familiar to people when they use a digital product, avoiding frustrations and allowing them to reach their goals with ease. Here at apaleo, that translates to helping the team improve the platform that our users use to work every day when managing their hotels.
After work (mostly during the weekends)? You will find me snowboarding in the Austrian alps, skateboarding around Munich or wakeboarding in a lovely bavarian lake!

What is your favorite part about apaleo? What gets you pumped up in the morning?

My favorite part of apaleo is the people and the team. Because of Corona I had to join remotely, however, from moment zero I already felt part of the apafam.
Also, I’ve joined a great team that is eager for my help. Knowing that my work is so important to the team pumps me everytime.

What upcoming trends in hospitality/hospitality tech are you most excited about?

I’ve come from the tourism industry but this is my first time working in the hospitality sector, however, I would say that big data, customization and disruptive hospitality business models will show up soon.

If you could magically pick up one new skill overnight, what would it be?

I would definitely improve my creative coding skills. I’ve been learning how to code in the past years but designing was always my thing and took most of my attention, However, I always wanted to code crazy websites like the ones you can see in awwwards’ website.

What’s one of your favorite family traditions that you miss from home?

My family was always pretty close to each other. Hanging out with them, eating an Argentinean barbeque on a sunday noon is always a lovely plan that I’ll miss to do.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

A lot of people get amazed when I tell them that about 4 years ago I backpacked around Argentina, the United states and Europe for almost a year. (I slept on a tent more times than what you would guess). 

Who is your favorite super hero and why?

Is Harry Potter a super hero? Haha, just kidding.
I love movies and the avengers touched my heart, I think Spiderman is my favorite superhero. He can jump, he can throw spider-web and he can practically fly, plus in his stories there are multiverses with many versions of him, I love that.

And that's Gabriel for you. Until next time...



Stay tuned for more origin stories from your favorite apaleo super heroes!

Alicia Wahlberg

Posted by

Alicia Wahlberg
Alicia found a passion for helping others succeed and learn, which had led to move from an Operations Manager into a focus on People and Culture. She has a focus on diversity and intercultural behavior with a history of excellent customer service through active listening, creativity through strategic problem solving, team leadership, and international networking. Her favorite part of the job is finding new team members and matching them to the role of their lifetime.


by Alicia Wahlberg


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