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Updates to Booking and Reservation APIs

Andrea Stubbe October 17, 2017

Conversion is Key

Each guest journey starts with a booking. Which often means filling out web forms, being annoyed by the massive amount of required data and validation rules, making mistakes and not being able to correct them, searching for the credit card which is always way too far away from the sofa... and giving up. Another customer lost.

We put a lot of thoughts and work into optimizing the apaleo booking API to allow you to optimize for conversion.

  • The number of fields required to create a reservation for a guest dropped dramatically from nine to one: the name. For the booker, we also need the email address, otherwise how to contact them?
  • All other data can be entered in later stages of the guest journey: when the guest checks in, you ask for nationality, before printing the invoice, you enter the address, etc.
  • apaleo is typo-friendly, and we allow to correct all data later on.

These are the three brand new update endpoints:


Updating Payment Information

We didn't forget about a hotel's need for security - will the guest really show up, or is it a troll, DOS-ing the hotel by reserving all rooms? That's why you can still define rate plans which require a credit card for guarantee or prepayment (which adds additional fields to the required data). The new thing here is that now it is possible to change the data later on. Imagine the guest gives you a credit card that's not working for one reason or another - now you can inform them, and as soon as the new data comes in, we try capturing the money again.

Updating payment information can be done directly on a booking, by entering the payment account:


And more...

  • List all bookings, allowing to filter by channel or external booking id
  • We listened to your feedback and the reservations are back in the booking model.
  • The date-time formats now support all variations of the ISO format.

Your apaleo team ❤

Andrea Stubbe

Posted by

Andrea Stubbe
Andrea started coding as a kid, paused that for some years trying to find more interesting things, but then ended up doing that for a living. After working as a freelancer, researcher, teacher, and a normal employee in small and giant corporations, she fulfilled her childhood dream and co-founded a company a year ago. Being a fan of microservices since before she knew that term, she’s still contemplating how and if to use them in micro-sized companies.


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