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How to get on the apaleo store

Andrea Stubbe October 18, 2018

You're done with integrating? Then we would be happy to list you on the apaleo store! This guide explains how.


Head over to to register. For the user name, we recommend choosing your company name. Only characters and numbers are allowed here. First name and last name are optional. None of the data you enter during registration will display on the apaleo store. For logging in, you can use the username or email.

Create your store entry

To go to your personal app area, click the link Apps at the very top left corner on the apaleo store. Click Add App to add a new app entry, or select drafts or published entries from the dashboard. You can save your draft at any time, and preview how the entry would look like.

For the front page

The title, short description and icon (that's your logo) are displayed on the overview and detail page. As title, enter the name of your product. For the short description, try finding a balance between marketing, and informing to get the attention of store visitors. Logos work best when square or circular - everything else works as well, but will be scaled down to fit the layout.

The rest of the data you enter is shown on the detail page of your product, that presents it to hoteliers on a full page.

Long description

The length can vary from a paragraph to a full page text description. We support basic formatting, and recommend to focus on making the information easy to read and digest. Also, don't make it too long. There's always the link to your website to learn more.


Add one or more images. This can be either pure marketing content, screenshots, or a mix of everything.


Next, add a few links which hoteliers can follow to get further information about your app on your own website. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory. Those links serve two main purposes: Firstly, when making a buying decision, the visitor wants to get more information about product and company. Secondly, finding links to support, documentation, etc. when using the product.

  • App website should link to the product's landing page of your company website.
  • Support link can either be a link to a support portal you are using, a mailto: link (be sure to prefix it correctly), or a link to information on your website which gives more information on your support terms.
  • Documentation link should point to any online guides or documentation
  • Privacy policy is mandatory if your application is handling guest data.
  • Connect URL can only be filled in, when your integration is using apaleo connect (or, if you speak with your tech-team, the oauth 2.0 authorization code grant as described on With this, customers can connect apaleo and your product with one click.
  • Status link points to any pages you have that report your product's uptime and availability.


You can specify one or more prices for your product. Prices can be

  • Per room or per property
  • Per year or per month

Tick the checkbox trial, when you want to create a trial period, and specify the length of the trial period in days or months.


Add testimonials from your clients. Click on Add Row to enter the customer's name in the author field, and his quote as message. It is your responsibility to ensure if those customers have given their consent to this.

Categories and Tags

You can choose a home group, which is the section on the overview page where your product will be listed. Typically, this is only one - but can be more, if your product for example does housekeeping and business intelligence in one. What we would recommend in cases where your product really does two things equally good, is to split it into two entries and check if you can sell them separately. You can define more than one entry, and they are free of charge.
Use categories if you want to specify that your product also does something else. You might have a channel manager, which also has an internet booking engine. Those will display as tags on the top of the page, and might later be used for searching and filtering.

Wait for feedback from apaleo

That's it! Once you are happy with how your product would display, click submit, and wait for your us to get back to you with a review. We both want it to look good, right? In the review, we focus on the points that impact the store experience of hotels. Specifically, those are:

  • completeness and (to a certain degree) correctness of content.
  • quality of images
  • links to support and privacy (if personal data is stored)
  • consistency in formatting and tone across all apps. Some examples: Don't overuse bold or italic fonts, do not write in ALL CAPS, and consider using lists, when you list items.

Before publishing, we will also need you to sign our listing T&Cs, which we will make available to you latest at that point. Or earlier, if you ask nicely.



Andrea Stubbe

Posted by

Andrea Stubbe
Andrea started coding as a kid, paused that for some years trying to find more interesting things, but then ended up doing that for a living. After working as a freelancer, researcher, teacher, and a normal employee in small and giant corporations, she fulfilled her childhood dream and co-founded a company a year ago. Being a fan of microservices since before she knew that term, she’s still contemplating how and if to use them in micro-sized companies.


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