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Cancellation and No-Shows

Andrea Stubbe December 12, 2017

This release is all about guests not showing up, and handling the situation nicely in accounting and hotel operations.


Each rate plan defines the conditions under which they can be canceled, by linking to a cancellation policy. Create the policies by calling


When creating reservations, the cancellation fee and date will be calculated and stored on the reservation. Check it out on


in the cancellationFee field. Now, the cancellation fee amount is currently not configurable, but always the whole amount. To give hotels the flexibility to chose lower fees or even waive it completely, posting the fee is not automatically triggered by cancelling a reservation, but requires a separate call:


Cancelling the reservation will remove all un-posted line items from the folio, and posting the cancellation fee will add a new one, and post it without VAT to a special cancellation-fee account. We restricted posting cancellation fees to reservations that do not have prepayments, as we wanted to bring a first version live today - that's also why it's still marked as NSFW, not safe for work.

No-Show Handling

It's bad enough when guests cancel reservations, but sometimes they don't even do that, and just don't show up. apaleo will now automatically detect all reservations that should have been checked in but weren't, and sets their status to no-show. We then remove all line items that are not accommodation from the folio, and post the charges just as if the guest would be there. This is triggered by the good old


In a first version, no-show is a terminal status and the reservations can neither be canceled nor checked in. We recommend that you double check that calling the night-audit is the last action you trigger on a business day.
Similar to cancellation fees, we do not yet allow to specify the no-show fee and default to 100% of the accommodation charges, for the whole stay. This can be corrected later on by moving posted charges to the house account, and thereby waving the whole fee, or parts of it:


We'll enhance the functionality around cancellations and no-show handling in future releases, but would be happy if you already try it out and give us feedback. Stay tuned for updates!

❤ Your apaleo team

Andrea Stubbe

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Andrea Stubbe
Andrea started coding as a kid, paused that for some years trying to find more interesting things, but then ended up doing that for a living. After working as a freelancer, researcher, teacher, and a normal employee in small and giant corporations, she fulfilled her childhood dream and co-founded a company a year ago. Being a fan of microservices since before she knew that term, she’s still contemplating how and if to use them in micro-sized companies.


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