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apaleo origin stories: get to know Dushan

Katarina Simic April 8, 2022

Our people make Apaleo and our culture pretty darn unique. So, here's a chance to get to know them! We chatted with Dushan Bosiljanov, our Compliance Manager and the coolest lawyer ever😊. He shared with us his passion for all things legal, his latest clothing preferences, his past life, and much more.

Dushan Blog



Dushan Bosiljanov


Macedonian 🇲🇰

Superpower (err…job):

Compliance Manager

What’s your background?

After completing my education in law, I conducted my academic research in the field of business law. That opened many interesting opportunities to work with the best law firms in my country. I worked for several international law firms where I gained significant experience in regulatory, compliance, and corporate matters. There, I was also able to start working closely on compliance matters in the tech industry (similar to Apaleo) and it was exciting and challenging. I then started asking myself, how can I get out of my suit and get into a hoody? 😊

What drew you to Apaleo?

It was always on my mind, what is it like to work in a skyrocketing start-up? I wanted to feel that drive of building something from scratch and having a real personal touch in the success that we have. I found answers to all these questions at Apaleo, and I was really happy to get the chance to be a member of this team.

What the heck is it that you do?

I am Compliance Manager at Apaleo. Which mainly means dealing with regulations, GDPR, Privacy Policies, Contracts, internal procedures, etc. As a bonus, I also get to help the product team deal with the legal and fiscal requirements for different jurisdictions for our customers.

All the stuff that the tech guys consider as boring, I find very interesting and important. Everyone has their own role in our overall success. That’s why we are a team, right? 😊

What gets you pumped up in the morning?

I am one of the few early birds at Apaleo. I like to get up early and start as soon as possible. I understand my role on the team as a guy that should make my colleague’s life easier and be a reliable and trustworthy link. Knowing that I am part of a developing team, and having a specific role there is what gets me pumped up in the morning.

What upcoming trends in hospitality/hospitality tech are you most excited about?

There are so many new trends popping up right now that are super exciting. However, I'm interested to see if/when the hotels are finally making the switch to cloud platforms and how this switch will impact the processing of the personal data of the customers.

If you could magically pick up one new skill overnight, what would it be?

To speak German fluently (C2 would be great). Although I am not there yet, I am getting there, but obviously not overnight.

What’s one of your favorite family traditions that you miss from home?

Going to my weekend house near Skopje with my family or friends or both. It's a very nice place to escape near a river. The amazing thing is that you can do so many different things there (including not doing anything), and still enjoy. It's my happy place 😊

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

Up until the age of 21, I played basketball for the Macedonian national youth team as well as for my favorite sports team: Parallel Universe!

Also, I have authored several expert analyses and more than 10 international-scientific papers in the field of business law.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Michael Jordan in Space Jam. It is always nice to dunk in the last second while you’re been dragged down by monsters😃.



Dushan Blog 2

That's a little about Dushan for you!

Stay tuned for more origin stories from your favorite Apaleo superheroes! Don't forget to check out our current open positions here!

Katarina Simic

Posted by

Katarina Simic
Katarina is apaleo’s marketing manager, responsible for content, events, campaigns and so much more. After studying law, Katarina was a legal consultant for the city of Zagreb. However, it was in hospitality that Katarina really found her passion. She went on to run a small, family-owned hotel in Croatia and enjoyed it so much that she decided to return to school to get her MBA in International Tourism Management. During this time, she was a project manager for Hochschule Bremen, responsible for developing brand strategies for key regions.


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