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VIDEO - A Hackathon Story: Wirelane and e-mobility Charging Stations

Nicholas Johnson May 26, 2021

Wirelane, the e-mobility charging solution, enables hotels to offer electric vehicle charging access. The guest initiates a session by scanning the QR code, provides the booking reference, and at the end of the stay, all charging sessions appear on the hotel invoice. Watch below to see how it works in real life with MASEVEN properties:


Because Wirelane offers both the hardware and the software, the idea was to create a great integrated charging experience. Coming from the user perspective, this is an opportunity to improve the hotel guest's experience, providing added value to the guest. Keeping that in mind, the goal was to create a simplified process:

  1. Plug it in,
  2. Scan the code,
  3. Put in the authentication information,
  4. Start the charging session (as many times during your stay)

At the end of the day when you check out from the hotel, you receive an invoice with all of the charging stations. 

When asked why they participated in the hackathon, Chris Blättermann VP Software Products at Wirelane says, "Just like apaleo, Wirelane is a very innovative company and tries to push things forward and make things happen outside of the daily business." After receiving an invite from Stephan Wiessener at apaleo, they gathered as a team of three to take on the challenge. It was perfect timing to take their idea and put it into the framework of the hackathon, which also added that extra bit of pressure needed to see how far they can get in this process.

Within two weeks, Wirelane managed to go from idea to prototype - instead of using the whole month. During this time, the biggest challenge was making sure that the user journey was flawless. They spend a lot of these two weeks to understand all of the touchpoints that a customer has with a charging station as well as what kinds of information need to be exchanged in the backend.

Currently, Wirelane is field-testing with the MASEVEN brand here in Munich but is already in touch with various hotels that are interested in this service and they are generating a lot of positive interest. 

"I can tell you what was not the biggest challenge, and that was integrating with the apaleo API. Because it was so easy, it was probably the thing we had to worry about least," says Chris. 

Nicholas Johnson

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Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas has his hands in all things marketing at apaleo. After discovering his love for travel, he's lived, worked, and studied in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Japan, and Germany, where he is currently eating pretzels. Nicholas has been telling stories for over five years based on a unique perspective built from degrees in marketing and international tourism. His passion for visuals and design are the wrapping paper to his entire package.


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