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The Booking Button Benefits

Claudiu Simina December 17, 2020

CultBooking offers the latest and best performing accommodation booking engine system software features in the industry. Our primary goal is to help you convert guests into loyal clients and increase your conversion rates, in turn helping your website to become as profitable and intuitive as it can be. 

This booking engine, also known as the Booking Button, allows your guests to easily and quickly book rooms directly from your website or other platforms like social media, boosting your website's performance and exposure. We also pride ourselves on the design features of our software. Our engine will reformat itself for mobile devices and give you the ability to customize options like color, logo, images, guest email, etc.

Integration of the engine is simple and our developer is ready to implement it for you.

Through the integration with apaleo, CultBooking gives hoteliers the opportunity to connect and automatically sync the latest room inventory for guests to book in real-time.

With an open API (application programming interface), we offer unlimited integration possibilities. Reach millions of potential guests and be visible and open for business on all major booking channels and travel websites worldwide (OTAs). Additionally, the engine also features a quick search function designed for users to quickly use the smart calendar to view availabilities and more.

It also supports marketing activities, so your loyal guests can enter a promo code to find available offers at that moment in time. We also have a highly secure system with SSL certification and PCI DSS compliance including safe-form transactions. Offering a secure environment where clients can safely and assuredly make online bookings and payments.


What‘s all the rage about?

CultBooking is unique in that it focuses not only on a clean and customizable engine appearance and ease-of-use but primarily on striving to have the highest conversion rates in the market. This is key in the accommodation and hotel industry.

Every week, we optimize our technology and are constantly researching and trying out new methods and ways to improve our software. This extends in a variety of ways, from aesthetics to behind-the-scenes functionality. We meticulously measure the success of new changes and the engine in an overall sense using parameters focused on the conversion ratio. Again, this really is an important factor for the industry and so we use this to estimate the efficiency of any future updates or technology that we seek to implement. The conversion rate is also a beneficial marker as it tells us where and how we can improve our product.

The overall design of CultBooking’s engine also makes it unique in comparison to other providers. With a sleek modern design that doesn't sacrifice practicality over design. and Maintaining speed and reliability is key in our modern world, where clients want a clean, aesthetic interface and presentation without having lags or typical irritations that are experienced while using the reservations software from other engines. Reliability combined with a good appearance is important in the industry for obvious reasons, and so we take great pleasure in being able to provide a booking engine that makes no compromises between looks and performance.

Integrating CultBooking with apaleo.

As mentioned before one of the benefits of using CultBooking is the ease of integrating with your website and management systems like apaleo. Below we’ve created a short outline to clear up the short process of integrating the two systems.

  1. First create an account for your hotel by clicking on the link:
  2. Once your hotel has a unique ID, we share it with apaleo to connect it to their cloud platform.
  3. CultBooking then provides Room Types IDs and apaleo automatically makes the mapping/connection.
    Voila, now we are all set-up ready to go and we can do a test booking.


The future.

apaleo is a leading provider of technology in the hotel industry. Their platform has an expansive user base and they provide a high-quality product with a forward-thinking vision in line with the values of CultBooking. The top-level service and strong product help to achieve the best for their accommodation businesses.

The addition of CultBooking to the apaleo APP STORE is a great opportunity for CultBooking to further advance its already broad reach to attract new clients. The seamless addition of our engine to their store is also beneficial for the users of apaleo, who can now take advantage of CultBookings engine instantly.

Claudiu Simina

Posted by

Claudiu Simina
Claudiu Simina is a Partner and Brand Manager of CultBooking. He graduated from Universidad Jaume I (Spain) in 2012, with a BA in Marketing and Advertising. Claudiu works with a variety of hotels and partners across the globe to increase online bookings, online presence, and the hotelier's revenue. Broad experience with social media, reputation management, and analytics expertise, your property will head in the right direction with CultBooking


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