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Rapid Roll Out: Go live with your PMS in days, not months

Here at apaleo, we understand that adopting new tech can feel like a terrible hassle. Weeks of research, discovery calls, demos and negotiations take up a lot of valuable time. After that, the real work starts. Once you sign, it’s...

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by Juliana Hahn

April 14, 2022

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by Nicholas Johnson

June 7, 2021

VIDEO - A Hackathon Story: DataSpire Talks AI Prediction Model

Dataspire Lite predicts high-value and potential VIP guests based on the AI and hotel data. This enables hoteliers to run more effective email marketing campaigns, focus ...

by Nicholas Johnson

May 26, 2021

VIDEO - A Hackathon Story: Wirelane and e-mobility Charging Stations

Wirelane, the e-mobility charging solution, enables hotels to offer electric vehicle charging access. The guest initiates a session by scanning the QR code, provides the ...

by Nicholas Johnson

June 18, 2020

Top 4 Types of “Social Distancing” Hotel Software

What’s Included in the Hotel Relief Package♥? As hotels begin to reopen, staff are being asked to face completely new responsibilities and put themselves on the front ...

by Nicholas Johnson

June 9, 2020

apaleo and 30+ Hotel Tech Providers Pledge Free Services to the Hotel Relief Package

MUNICH 9 June 2020: Launched by apaleo, the Hotel Relief Package is a joint pledge from 30+ hotel technology providers to combat hotels’ urgent need to use digital ...

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